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Cathy Dollanganger | Twenty-Two FC: Rose McIver | Flowers In The Attic | TAKEN

“i can hold my breath. i can bite my tounge. i can stay away for days if thats what you want. be number one. i can fake a smile. i can force a laugh. i can dance and play the part if thats what you ask. give you all i am. i can do it. i can do it. i can do ittttt. but im only human and i bleed when i fall down. im only human. and i crash and break down. your words in my head. knives in my heart. you build me up and i fall apart.


{trigger warning: incest and abuse}

Cathy is probably in one of the most controversial novels her book has been banned in different locations during different times. She has been traveling by bus after escaping the prison that was her mother and grandmother. On the bus Carrie, Cathy’s younger sister got sick. To which a woman named Henrietta rescues them and takes them home to her employer Dr. Paul. Where Cathy confides in him about the last three years of their life and what they’ve been though. Eventually Dr. Paul applies to custody of the children and received custody.

Cathy got into a local ballet school here in Fiction where she has been thriving on her dreams. She is still rather bitter and wants revenge on her mother. After all she is to blame for her brother’s death and everything that has ever gone wrong in her life.

Some might say that Cathy is developing a bit of a crush on Paul. But throughout everything she is always in love with her brother Chris. Cathy and her story pops in and out of Fiction since it was written because of its content and bans. The more that it becomes available and people know about it the more the characters pop back up.


Chris Dollanganger Jr: Is most know for his unbrotherly love toward his sister Cathy which started in the attic of their grandmother. Is currently studying to become a doctor though his love for Cathy and her love for him continues.

The Kardashians: A Thailand Vacation Part 1


The latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was heavily subtexted. Brody Jenner walked in on Kim (his half sister) posing for nearly nude selfies and got turned on!

Kloe said that her and her brother are like a platonic married couple and they have always lived together. This isn’t the first time she has acknowledged their close relationship, she joked in In Touch Magazine about incest and it has come up in numerous episodes of the show and her own reality spin off. 


(Please note photos are not from the actual episode)

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You can’t go around saying you’re friends with benefits when you’re brother and sister.
- But we are friends. We’re really close.

BBC America’s “Almost Royal” 

"My sister was wearing these - WTF????" 

"My sister was wearing these - WTF????" 

“He runs and runs and runs, when he’s exhausted himself he returns to me, puts his head in my lap, and asks me to help him find a way to die. To save himself, from the sacrifices he must make, sacrifices for the future of us all.”

“One of us had to accept the agony. He was always the stronger. History is written on the sands of Arrakis. A chapter has ended, swept away by the whirlwind. One door has closed but another has opened and on the other side… our future.”

Children of Dune

Dave Franco interview on Ellen. Near the end the video shows his cats that are brothers, basically licking each other.


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I though Klaus and Rebekah were going to kiss in that cemetery. I would worship Julie Plec if that ever happened.



Tell me about it.

I think that just shows there immense anger issues, its like they want to but they feel they can’t. And this has been going on for a 1000 years…