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What about The Leftovers made you think incest? It just seemed like the kids were close friends right? There wasn't anything really there I thought.


Hey Anon, thanks for your question. Well I just really “ship” them so it is not that I thought they had already partaken in incest or that the seeds were planted to lead to that, I just think they make a really great pairing. Even if it is just a friendly relationship between Tommy and Jill in The Leftovers, they are an ideal pairing for me. But I think in their characters worlds, especially now after everything they have been through, them being more than friends/siblings is something that I could see happening.

There are a lot of TV shows (and films) that people see a lot of subtext in, such as Arrow, Wizards of Waverly Place, Life with Derek and Firefly for example, and even though there is no actual “incest” in those shows, many people still ship those brother and sister pairings (for whatever reason). These are called non canon pairings. Some of those you might watch and not see the appeal or what other people see, and some you may. I hope that made sense…  

Cade Yeager: This is a non-dating house. You don’t date, I don’t date!
Tessa Yeager: Maybe you should.

Transformers: Age of Extinction


Watch the clip here and another clip here.


'If you keep asking the wrong questions, you'll never find the right answer.' -Oldboy


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Popped Hanna’s cherry when she was 13. Well, her Uncle did before, but outside of family, I mean.

Trey, Rectify (S02E07)